The Crimes and Lies of John Joseph Kennedy

This site is dedicated to documenting the crimes and lies of John Joseph Kennedy
and serves to warn those who may be investigating him.



He is a man obsessed with murder, crimes, drugs, pornography, priests, identity and intellectual property theft, criminals, prisons, and conspiracy theories that involve the CIA, the FBI, United States Presidents, Secretaries of State, and his imaginary family.  His theories and accusations are built on half truths and have no logic or reason.

His name is John Joseph Kennedy.

His Modus operandi:  Once a victim is befriended, John Joseph Kennedy uses his talents to persuade you to invest.  Invest in a non-existent film projects.  Invest in him as a screen writer to bring "your" story to the big screen.  Invest in projects that will make your son or daughter into a star or singing sensation.  Invest in non-existent humane endeavors or political campaigns.  Many people have invested in John Joseph Kennedy but when confronted about the reality of their investment, the situation becomes very dark.

The people who supported and invested in him have now become criminals, burglars, identity thieves, liars, sexual predators, felons and even murderers.   These victims, who lost money to this mans insanity, are now further humiliated by false allegations and accusations just for asking the question, "What happened to my investment?"

Once a victim is targeted, he uses the victims network of friends and associates to house and support him. He'll target children, promising them he can make them a movie star. He will target couples promising to make them rich, selling them stock in non-existent film projects.  He targets parents by promising them their child's name will be in the credits of his next film project.  He targets musicians and artists, promising them riches from his next movie.  John has even attended Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, listening to confidential stories and then uses this private information against them later so they will not go to the police to press charges.

He has been to police stations and sent letters to police stations in different states to report them for identity theft, intellectual property theft, harassment and stalking. He twists the facts as though they have committed crimes against him.  Once, he is found out by local law enforcement, he is never seen again but will continue unfounded defamation on his web sites.

He has stolen ideas, lied about his "intellectual property projects", lied about his family, lied to law enforcement, lied about his education, defrauded the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Texas Securities Board for fraudulently selling stock. He has illegally collected campaign funds for a fraudulent presidential campaign and accepted contributions for his "New Humanities Campaign" and other bogus campaigns that never existed.

On this site, only the facts will be addressed separating the facts from fantasy.  On the "LIES" page, An analysis based on facts, aimed at uncovering the lies that John Joseph Kennedy has told over the years.

If you have any information you would like to share concerning the lies that John Joseph Kennedy has told or, for a closer look into the scams and acts of collusion by John Joseph Kennedy, please review or contact e-mail and other web sites at the bottom of the page.


Update for 2013 Coming in December.
John Joseph KennedyIn 2011 I had received about 30 e-mails from people in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas as to his whereabouts and what is going on with John Joseph Kennedy.  Generally, the e-mails were vengeful and want nothing less than a public lynching.  That is sad because this site is about warning people about a very sick and very gifted con man.  This site is not about renewing the devastating acts of John Joseph Kennedy or to stir up crushing emotions of financial loss so many have experienced in his company but, to warn people of the cruel and psychopathic behavior of a charlatan that can separate you from your money. 

John Joseph Kennedy continues to try and sell stock or persuade investors in joining "The Whale Magic Project".  Now more desperate than ever, John Joseph Kennedy, has taken to the bars and streets of Orlando.  This is because John Joseph Kennedy was forcibly legally evicted from several living situations.

Court Report Link (See "Court Cases" on the John Joseph Kennedy Exposed Site

According to managers, John Joseph Kennedy made quite a scene and was the subject of many complaints in the complex including try to sell fraudulent stock in "The Whale Magic Project", bad checks and a Book Party that went very sour trying to sell his self published book "Monstrance Objet D'art".

The previous owners lost the property in foreclosure.  This might have been a direct result from John Joseph Kennedy not being able to pay the rent since mid 2010.  John Joseph Kennedy received financial support from a previous investor from Texas to pay his rent, bills and web sites for several years before she finally caught on to the scam.  According to her, she claims to have lost over $100,000 which not only included the basics but an endless amount of Pizza from the local pizzeria ... which would account for the increased weight gain.

The new owners had contacted me as did the management to find out more about this situation.  I could hear the betrayal in their voices.  John Joseph Kennedy had duped yet another group of victims.

Since then many e-mails and texts have come in from Gay bars in the surrounding areas of Orlando which include the "Savoy" and the notorious "Parliament House" the Gay Bar/Drag Queen establishment that now forbids John Joseph Kennedy to enter.

What John Joseph Kennedy didn't realize, while he was scrambling for money at these local gay establishments, This site was being "texted" right from the bar ... sometimes while John Joseph Kennedy was sitting right next to the potential victim.

"Is this the same Kennedy who is involved in Whale Magic,
he's sitting right here at the Savoy in Orlando"

"Kennedy is right next to me at a bar in Orlando,
should I call the police or the nut farm"

and my personal favorite ...

"I have John Joseph Kennedy in front of me, how do I get him to shut up"

In addition, I have received inquires from the department of Human Services that dictates such programs in Housing and Food Stamps for the poor.  John Joseph Kennedy has applied for these services and now the state is investigating his finances.  It was with pleasure that I sent them a complete package of information that documents his sources of income, contact information and the paper and money trails that lead back to him.

All of John's lies are rooted in some truth but it makes you think, Where is the family, that he boosts so much about, to help him during these times of eviction and welfare?

Where are the attorneys and the political clout that he claims to have to assist him in these legal matters against him that have resulted in more  default judgments against him?

It is also worth noting that John Joseph Kennedy has never refuted any of the information on this site nor has anyone involved in this site been contacted by an attorney representing John Joseph Kennedy.  If anything posted here were untrue, it would be a legal issue.  Instead, John Joseph Kennedy's only response has been childish and, somewhat unrealistic accusations and a complete denial of the atrocity's he has committed.

Is there not one friend that would help him during these dark times or has he completely alienated every resource and every helping hand.  Only to  reward those who helped him in the past with a violent temper, lies, financial loses and liabilities, defamation and cruel attacks on them and their loved ones.

Quite a resume for the now 58 year old con-artist, who continues to try and swindle people.

Govern yourself accordingly!

Our capacity for remorse is what separates us from the animals.
John Joseph Kennedy has never shown any remorse for the people
he has hurt or the things he has done.

Below is a recording of John Joseph Kennedy talking about his past investors.
They were his associates until they wanted to know where the money went.

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